Easy Kids Christmas Crafts – DIY Candy Christmas Tree

Of all the holidays celebrated, Christmas is one of the most favorite for many reasons including the making of cute homemade Christmas gifts, which come from the heart. Bring a festive Christmas shine to your home with fun kids Christmas crafts, one of which is the tasty Christmas tree below. This Candy Christmas tree can be a unique Christmas centerpiece or make a great Christmas gift.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Kids Christmas crafts - christmas candy tree

Materials used to make this Christmas candy centerpiece: cardboard, green garland, various candy, a sucker/star lollipop, curling ribbon of different colors, a hot glue gun, double-sided tape, and scissors.

Step 1. Take a sheet of green cardboard and make a cone, securing it with a stapler or hot glue. You can also make a cone out of white cardboard and glue green paper on top of it. It’s not necessary to make a bottom for the cone.

Make a cone for your Christmas candy tree

Christmas gifts kids can make - step 2. Using hot glue or white craft glue or double-sided tape, attach a piece of green garland all around the bottom of the cone.

Christmas gifts kids can make - Candy christmas tree

Easy DIY christmas gifts - step 3. Prepare various candy pieces with wrappers of different colors.

Note: You can create a personalized Christmas tree using favorite candies of the recipient.

Using a little bit of hot glue or double-sided tape secure candy pieces to the cone the way you like it. (For better security, you may want to apply clear packing tape over the tails of candy pieces.) Do not leave a bare spot on the cone. It’s better to use smaller candy on the top and bigger pieces towards the bottom of the tree. Your candy Christmas tree should look good all the way around.

When you use double-sided tape, this project can be safely done by kids. If you use hot glue, adult supervision is required.

Easy to make christmas gifts

Easy DIY christmas gifts

Cute homemade christmas gifts - step 4. Take a sucker or a star lollipop and insert it in the top of the tree. If the hole in the top is too small, you can carefully make it bigger using scissors.

Cute homemade Christmas gifts

Candy Christmas tree - step 5. Take curling ribbon of different colors, cut several pieces and glue them to the top of the tree right beneath the sucker. Curl the ribbon with a pair of scissors. You can also wrap and glue a piece of red curling ribbon around the top of the tree just beneath the sucker, to cover the ends of glued pieces of ribbon.

Candy Christmas tree idea

Step 6. You can also fill the empty space below the tree with small Christmas figurines (a snowman, Santa Claus, etc.) and small decorative bags filled with candy. You can even attach a nametag to each bag of candy.

I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

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