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DIY Bubble Gum Candy Bouquet

To make this bubble gum candy bouquet you will need: blue and polka dot cellophane, scotch tape, yellow curling ribbon, a flowerpot, blue shredded paper or plastic grass, Dubble Bubble Gum, glue, stem wire (16/18 ga), floral foam and tools such as wire cutters, scissors and a serrated knife.

DIY bubble gum candy bouquet

Step 1. First you will need your flowerpot. You can choose any one that you would like for this project. In this example, I used a ceramic blue and yellow pot that is 5.5” in diameter because the colors go well with the Dubble Bubble Gum wrappers.

A flower pot for the candy bouquet

Step 2. Next, take your floral foam and cut it to fit snugly into your flowerpot. After, put the floral foam in the center of a piece of blue cellophane. Wrap the cellophane around your piece of foam and place it into your flowerpot. You want the foam to be approximately 1 inch lower than the pot’s lip.

Adding cellophane to your candy bouquet

Step 3. Use plastic decorative blue grass or blue shredded paper to cover up the foam.

Candy craft - step 3

Step 4. Make flowers out of bubble gum.

a) Take either bamboo skewers of 16 or 18 ga stem wire, floral tape, scissors, Dubble Bubble gum and wire cutters.

Candy craft - step 4a

b) Use green floral tape to attach 3 pieces of bubble gum together. Start by attaching a piece of gum to the end of your bamboo skewer or wire. Next, 1-2” from the top of the wire or skewer, join another piece of gum. Repeat this one more time to add the third piece of gum, however on the other side of the wire or skewer.

Wrap the remainder of the skewer with floral tape if you have used a bamboo skewer so that it is entirely green. If you used stem wire, it is already green so this step is not necessary.

In this example, I created 10 flowers with Dubble Bubble Gum. Of these, I made 3 taller than the other 7 for placement in the back of the arrangement.

Candy flowers

Step 5. Use cellophane to wrap the flowers.

a) Cut out a square using your polka dot cellophane. For this example, the square pieces are 7" x 7".

b) Poke the stem of the flower carefully through the middle of your piece of cellophane or fold the square in half twice, cutting the tip off the corner. This will leave a little hole in the middle where the stem can be placed.

Making a candy bouquet

c) Make a cone out of your cellophane by pulling it around the flower. It should sit right below the bubble gum flower. Use yellow ribbon to tie it in place. Then, to finish it off, fluff out the cellophane to make it look fuller.

Complete this step for all of your candy flowers.

Adding cello to candy flowers

Candy flower with cellophane attached

Step 6. Now, place your flowers in to the flowerpot. Make sure that the longer stemmed ones are inserted in the back of the arrangement. Organize the flowers so that they look attractive.

Step 7. You can add more blue cellophane to your bouquet if you would like it to look more filled in. To do so, use floral picks.

Cut out rectangles of cellophane. Loosely fold each one in half twice, first on the short side and then the long side. Use a green floral pick and then place about half an inch of the closed cello corner against the pick’s blunt side. Wrap wire around it so that it is snug. Next, fluff up the cellophane. You can then insert the tissue or cello into the pot’s floral foam.

Your bubble gum candy bouquet is ready!

candy arrangement 3

Note: This is a copyrighted craft project for personal use only.

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