Cute Homemade Valentine Gifts – Candy Bouquet “Be My Valentine”

Homemade Valentine Gifts are inexpensive, fun to make, and are always appreciated; as they have that personal touch. Candy bouquets make unique and tasty diy Valentine gifts that will touch your sweetheart. I hope the candy craft project below will give you some ideas for homemade Valentines gifts.

Homemade valentine's day gifts - candy bouquet

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To make this cute Valentine candy bouquet gift, you will need: two heart shaped boxes of candy, a small plush bear toy, various candy pieces, cellophane, curling ribbon, floral foam, bamboo skewers or 16 gauge stem wire, floral tape, a hot glue gun, and tools (scissors and wire cutters).

Step 1. Take two heart shaped boxes of sweets. Put one box flat on the table; using hot glue, secure the second box to the first one at an angle at the back.

Step 2. Glue a piece of floral foam on top of the first box of sweets. Wrap a piece of ribbon around the edge of the floral foam to cover it.

Step 3. Using pieces of wire bent into a “U” shape, secure the legs of the bear toy to the floral foam.

Step 4. Make several candy flowers using various candy. The color of the candy’s wrappers should go well with the color scheme of the arrangement.

If you don’t remember how to make candy flowers, see this candy bouquet project.

Step 5. Insert your candy flowers into the foam. Arrange them the way you like it.

Step 6. To give your candy centerpiece a more festive look, add some decorative elements, like bows, silk flowers, or other embellishments.

Homemade Valentine gifts - candy bouquet

If you want to quickly and easily learn how to make candy bouquets either to start your own business or just to be able to make amazing memorable gifts for any occasion, check out my step-by-step guides "How to make beautiful candy bouquets for fun and profit", "St. Valentine's Candy Arrangements", and others.

Lana Glass
Founder of the Site "Candy Crafts"

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