Homemade Mothers Day Gifts Ė Candy Bouquet "Tulips"

Mothers Day is all about your Mum. No matter how busy you are or how old you are you should find time to thank your Mum who has given you so much. Make your mum feel really special with a personalized gift. Homemade Mothers day gifts will show your Mum how much you care. A candy bouquet below will make a great Motherís Day gifts. You can add a personalized homemade card to the bouquet to make it extra special.

homemade Mother's Day gifts - candy bouquet

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Materials used for this Mothers Day Gift: a flower pot, green and red tissue paper, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, red ribbon, floral foam, green floral tape, red cellophane, bamboo skewers, and tools.

Step 1. Take a flower pot of any color. Insert a piece of floral foam into the pot so it fits snugly.

Step 2. Take a big square of green tissue paper and red ribbon. Put the flower pot in the center of the tissue paper square. Wrap the tissue paper around the pot and secure it with a piece of red ribbon or a piece of red curling ribbon.

homemade Mother's Day gifts - step 2

Step 3. Prepare Ferrero Rocher chocolates, red cello squares, bamboo skewers, green floral tape and scissors.

Step 4. Itís time to start making candy flowers. Take a Ferrero Rocher chocolate and a square of red cello. Then wrap chocolate piece with a square of red cellophane gathering the cellophane at one end.

Mother's Day gift ideas - step 4

Step 5. If necessary, cut the extra cellophane off with scissors. Before twisting the cellophane closed, slip in a bamboo skewer; do not poke it into the candy itself. Wrap green floral tape tightly over the loose end of the cellophane continuing down the skewer.

Mother's Day gift ideas - step 5

Step 6.

a) Take red tissue paper or red crepe paper. Cut 9 inches x 7 inches rectangles.

Mother's Day crafts - step 6a

b) Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise.

Mother's Day crafts - step 6b

c) Then wrap tissue paper around the chocolate pieces as shown in the pictures.

Mother's Day gift - step 6c1

Mother's Day gift - step 6c2

Mother's Day gift - step 6c3

Homemade Mother's Day gifts - step 6c4

Homemade Mother's Day gifts - step 6c5

Step 7. To finish a candy tulip, you need to attach one or two leaves to the skewer. Cut leaves out of green tissue paper or crepe paper. Secure the leaf to the candy flower stick with green floral tape.

Homemade Mother's Day gifts - step 7

Step 8. Make as many candy flowers as you would like. Arrange them in the flower pot they way you like it. Your Motherís Day gift is almost ready.

Step 9. You can add some decorative elements to your candy bouquet to make it even more interesting. For example a plastic lady bug, a pick "Happy Mothers Day", a balloon "Best Mom", a personalized card with a special message, etc.

Happy Mother's Day!

Homemade Mother's Day gifts - final step

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