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The Candy Bouquet Business is what you have been looking for! It is fun, creative, and full of potential!
Enter the industry where everyone is a potential customer all year round!

Ebook cover 287 page step-by-step eGuide “How to Make Candy Bouquets for Fun and Profit” with over 330 color pictures reveals everything you need to know to create amazing gifts for your friends and family for any occasion or to start your own candy bouquet business!

Now Is The Perfect Time To Break Into This Business!

Dear Reader,

I am sure you have heard about many successful Home Based or Retail Gift Basket Businesses. Candy bouquets (that can be arranged in any containers including baskets) are the newest developments of the Gift Basket Business. They are not yet as wide spread as gift baskets and the competition in this area is not as stiff yet. This is really good news for you because there is a huge opportunity for growth and profits!

Candy bouquets are these new, hot, and highly popular products now! Their uniqueness is their great advantage and an important selling point! Candy Flower Arrangements can be a great addition to your line, if you already produce gift baskets, or they can be a fantastic way to start out in this profitable business.

You still have time to put your foot into this fast growing candy bouquet market segment to reap all the benefits it can offer.

Remember, you can make candy bouquets a part time or full time business; it’s entirely up to you and your goals! One thing I want to emphasize – when you do what you LOVE and ENJOY, the QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE, the satisfaction INCREASES DRAMATICALLY.

Why may you want to start a Candy Bouquet Business?

1) Candy Bouquets are so original and beautiful; they will turn heads wherever they are given. They make wonderful memorable gifts that are in demand all year round! I have always wanted to find a job I would ENJOY doing, that makes other people FEEL GOOD AND SPECIAL, and get good money for it.

2) You do not need a large initial investment. It is a very inexpensive business to start (you only need supplies and a marketing budget). You can start your own business without fear of financial risk.

I was full of enthusiasm and eager to start but unfortunately, I could not find any instructions on how to make candy bouquets. I felt frustrated. I discovered that information on this topic is scarce.

So for the most part I had to figure out myself how to make candy arrangements. I spent a lot of time researching and made a lot of mistakes trying to create nice looking candy bouquets.

YOU ARE LUCKY! You do not need to feel discouraged because of the lack of the necessary information. You have me and my eBook “How to make beautiful candy bouquets for fun and profit”. smile face

Now You Can Get Instant Access to All of My Techniques and Secrets For Making Amazing Candy Bouquets!

I will guide you through the entire process of making a candy bouquet from the very beginning to a beautiful finished product. I will show you the basics as well as small but very important tricks and tips that differentiate a novice from an expert.

If I had found this information when I was starting, it would have saved me a ton of time and money. You do not need to repeat my mistakes, spend a lot of time on research to gather the necessary information from here and there; and with my suppliers list you will save money on your supplies.

Ebook cover My name is Lana Glass and my eBook “How to Make Candy Bouquets for Fun and Profit” will teach you everything you need to know to get started making your beautiful candy arrangements and get paid for it, from design techniques that produce expert results to marketing and selling tips!
(NOT SOLD in Bookstores! Available ONLY in Digital Format, easy to download)

What people are saying about this eBook …

"It is packed with very useful information that you need to get started making your own candy bouquets, even if you have never done it before."
"For a long time, I wanted to learn how to make all these beautiful candy bouquets you see on the Internet. Your guide is what I was looking for. It is packed with very useful information that you need to get started making your own candy bouquets, even if you have never done it before. The visual instructions are easy to follow. Some of the candy arrangements are very unique. My favorite one is the "Rocher heart". Keep up your wonderful work."
Tatyana Momut, Newark, California.
"Anyone that purchases the book will benefit in more ways than one."
"This book provided a great source of information and anyone that purchases it will benefit in more ways than one. It has helped me create gorgeous unique gifts from the comfort of my home. The first one I made it was for my niece for her 3rd birthday and my sister said when she opened it she embraced it and wouldn't let it go."
Felecia Armstrong, North Carolina
"I am ready to start a Candy Bouquet Business and you know what, everyone is very jealous of my 'talent' now!"
"I am in my mid-life and sick of working for others. I am also always regarded by friends as a non-creative and non-handy person. I wanted to prove myself and learn a creative skill. I chance upon '' and find it very interesting to make candies and chocolates into bouquets. I immediately download the book and start to make a bouquet. Within 3 days, I can make a beautiful delicious candy bouquet, with the help of Ms Lana Glass who is always there for me. The book has accompanied me for the past 2 months and I am ready to start a Candy Bouquet Business and you know what, everyone is very jealous of my 'talent' now !!"
Always your Fan - Emmelinda Lim, Singapore
"I don't think there is anything that I didn't like about the book."
"I would recommend this book to anyone who is thinking of starting a candy bouquet business or just doing it for fun. It is well worth the money."
Vanessa Smith, Maryland
"I was looking at purchasing a franchise for a candy bouquet business when I ran across your e-book."
"I was looking at purchasing a franchise for a candy bouquet business when I ran across your e-book. I have tried the techniques and feel like I can start my own candy bouquet business now without spending thousands of dollars on a franchise- (this way that money can be spent on advertising and we both know that is the way to grow a business!) I really enjoyed the vendors list and I have already contacted a couple to start working on my inventory."
Crystal Marler, California
"As an experienced "crafter" I was very impressed."
"I'm the director of nursing in an assisted living community. I bought the book for ideas for marketing our facility. All the facilities take treats to the docs, senior centers, etc. but presentation is everything! Every time they see a candy bar I want them to think of The Willows. I really liked the book. The instructions were very well written. The pictures were very clear and showed each step as well as how the competed product should/could look. As an experienced "crafter" I was very impressed. You did a great job!"
Jan Puckett, Michigan
"The price was so reasonable for all the information you give in the book."
"My favorite candy bouquet in the book is the Hershey's Kisses bouquet. I made 5 of those for my workers for Valentine's Day and they all loved it. I have been interested in doing this since last year when my husband came home with a candy bouquet for Valentine's Day. And a few weeks before Valentine's Day, I started searching the web for instructions on how to do this and came across your website. The price was so reasonable for all the information you give in the book. I am so looking forward to Easter to make candy baskets for my grandchildren for Easter. Maybe after I get a little experience under my belt, I will start doing it as a business, but right now, I am having fun with it."
Courtney Traverse, Texas
"The books are very detailed...everything you need to know about making & selling candy bouquets."
"If you want some inspiration be sure to order these e-books. There are a "zillion" ideas included. What I like about these e-bboks is that they are very detailed...worth the investment whether you plan to start a cookie/candy bouquet business or not. I will be using the e-books all the time."
Maria Quisumbing, Nevada
"Thank you for such an informative book."
"Hi, my name is Susan and I just love your books. So far I have made your roses, sundae, and birthday bouquet. A total of 6 so far and have sold everyone for $35. I still have 3 more to make, orders are still coming in, and have orders for birthdays, and 4 for Father's Day already. Thank you for such an informative book. The step by step instructions are easy to follow and the business info is very helpful also."
Susan Chronister, Illinois

My book "How to Make Beautiful Candy Bouquets For Fun and Profit" opens wonderful opportunities for you:

  • You can start your Candy Bouquet Business. Work part-time or full-time. You can work from the comfort of your home, sell via the Internet, you can open a booth at your local flea market and sell your tasty products there on the weekends, or you can open a mortar-and-brick shop. It is all up to you and the size of your start-up capital.

  • If you already own a Gift Basket Business or a Gift Shop, candy bouquets will be a great addition to your business.

  • If you are not interested in starting your own business, you can make beautiful candy bouquets as gifts. Never-ever again you will face a problem of what present to give to your family, friends and colleagues. I assure you, your gift will stand out and be unforgettable for the recipient. Anybody, adult or a child, will be very delighted to receive a wonderful candy bouquet. Who does not like candy, right?

You Can Get Started Today - Click Here Now!

I am not saying that you do not have to do anything that you can lie on a couch and watch how your bank account grows.

You need to work (craft candy bouquets, do marketing and advertising, shipping, invoicing, customer service, etc.), spending a considerable amount of time in the beginning when you are just learning how to make candy bouquets, and you need to look though craft magazines and sites on a regular basis looking for new ideas for your candy arrangements.

BUT it is so rewarding!!! Making candy bouquets is so much fun and joy, and warm grateful words from your clients is icing on the cake!smile face

Clients who bought my candy bouquets just love them!

I highly recommend your Candy Flower arrangements! They are not only very pretty but also taste yummy! All four of the arrangements we got were very unique. I especially love the Lindt candy that melts in your mouth!
Elaine Hicks, Mesa, Arizona
I received a beautiful candy bouquet from my girlfriend on my Birthday and I was so impressed with the amount of delicious candy nestled into the flowers! The candy-and-silk flower arrangement was tastefully presented with ribbons and greenery. I really liked the tall metal base used for the arrangement. It fits any decor in any household. I definitely recommend Lana’s candy flower arrangements for any occasion.
Joseph A Cottone, Gilbert, AZ
WOW! What a great gift idea! Lana makes the most wonderful candy flower bouquets and arrangements that one can imagine and the best part is you can eat them. It is a gift for all occasions that lasts and every time they pluck a candy from this artistic creation they will think of the giver!
Jennifer and Peter Hill, Chandler, AZ

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You really like the idea of starting a Candy Bouquet Business but you are not that creative and you are afraid that you will not do well.

I need to confess something: when I started making candy bouquets, I also had these doubts. I had never done anything like this before and I always thought of myself as a logical mathematical type (Math was my favorite subject in school).

I thought I did not have a single creative bone in my body. But look at me now; I am making nice candy bouquets that people like and which I ENJOY making (who would have thought? smile face) If I can make candy arrangements, you can definitely make them as well!!!

Here is what you will get when you buy my electronic book “How To Make Beautiful Candy Bouquets For Fun And Profit”.

handmade gifts Descriptions of Tools and Supplies
I will tell you and show you in pictures ALL the necessary tools and supplies you need to make your own candy bouquets.

be your own boss Suppliers List that will save you some money and time (that you would spend on researching). This Suppliers List is for U.S. residents.

craft book Techniques on how to attach candies to sticks.
When looking at candy bouquets, you probably have already asked yourself “How do they attach all those candies”. I will show you HOW. There are different types of candies (I divided them into 5 groups) and respectively there are different methods for attaching them to sticks. I will show you step-by-step how to do it, illustrating my descriptions with lots of pictures, which is very helpful.

earn extra money Design and assembly of 15 beautiful candy bouquets that you will love making and recipients will adore receiving. I will guide you step-by-step through the whole process of assembling these bouquets from choosing the materials to a finished product. Instructions are easy to follow and each step is illustrated with a picture. A picture paints a thousand words.

You can find a very few video tutorials on how to make candy bouquets on the Internet but they show you only one or two bouquets, and they charge you $30 and up for one DVD.

I offer you detailed instructions on assembling 15 candy bouquets with a lot of other very valuable information!!!

make money online How to wrap your candy bouquet. This is a final step in making a candy bouquet.

sell crafts online Some useful tips and tricks that will help you make a beautiful and stable candy bouquet.

work at home How to price your candy arrangements.

Candy bouquet home business Overview of how to start your Candy Bouquet Business.

start your own business How to market and sell your candy arrangements.

Click Here to Get All This Information in a 287 Page Manual

Table of Contents

Cover page
Basics of Arranging Candy Bouquets
1. Tools and Supplies
  • Cutting Tools
  • Adhesives
  • Wires and Pins
  • Floral Foams
  • Other Basic Supplies
2. How to attach candies to wire and sticks
  • Candies with wrappers that have “tails”
  • Candies with oversize wrappers
  • Chocolates with a flat bottom
  • Candy Bars
  • Lollipops
3. How to wire a silk leaf
4. Adding cellophane to a bouquet
5. Adding curling ribbon to a bouquet
6. How to wrap a bouquet in cellophane
7. How to make bows
8. Tips
9. Tips to make more money in this business

15 Candy Bouquet projects
1) "It is a boy" candy bouquet
2) "Chocolate Hearts" candy bouquet
3) "A Candy Topiary" (2 versions)
4) "Rocher Heart"
5) "Candy Blast"
6) "Chocolate Rosebuds"
7) "Easter Candy Arrangement"
8) "Blue and Silver"
9) "Fall Collection"
10) "Happy Birthday" candy Bouquet
11) "Thank You" Candy Bouquet
12) "Ghirardelli Candy Bouquet"
13) "Candy bouquet in a Popcorn Box"
14) "Candy Cake"
15) "Christmas Candy Arrangement in a Basket"

Overview of starting a Candy Bouquet Business
  • Know yourself and the Market
  • Business Plan
  • Legal Requirements
  • Location of Your Business
  • Inventory
  • Advertising and Promotion
Catching Clients with the Web
Suppliers List
Affiliate Program

To preview selected pages of my book, please send me an email with the subject line "Preview the Book".

Here is some more feedback on my eBook from Happy Customers

"I realized at once that it would be a GREAT addition to my business!!!"
"I live in Northern Germany on the border with Denmark. Flower arranging is very popular here, and I try to develop my business in this area. When I found the e-guide “How to make candy bouquets for fun and profit”, I was very happy. This is a very unusual and fresh idea! I realized at once that it would be a GREAT addition to my business!!! Thanks Lana Glass for this book and inspiration it provides to try something new!"
G. Schollmayer, Germany, Niebuell
"I not only learned to make these unique candy bouquets but I also got my first customers!!!"
"I liked your e-guide on making candy bouquets very much. The explanations are easy to understand and follow. The book presents various original candy bouquets that can make wonderful gifts.

With the help of your book anybody can make a beautiful and affordable present to family and friends. Kids will love getting these tasty gifts for their birthday or Christmas.

Thanks to your book “How to make candy bouquet for fun and profit” I not only learned to make these unique candy bouquets and surprise my loved ones with them but I also got my first customers!!! I am thinking about making additional income from selling candy arrangements!"
Anna Banks, Winter Garden, Florida
"I was interested in learning about the candy bouquet business without having to buy the expensive franchise."
"Hats off to you, Lana, for putting together such a great book! You are to be commended for supplying such valuable information to those of us who have been looking into doing something uniquely different than any other home based business idea. And the fact that you offer additional e-books and information as added bonuses makes it well worth the price. Your website made a true statement---"You won't find anything like this on the internet!". I will definitely say "AMEN" to that."
Veronica Jennings, Georgia
"Your book inspires me to create. I recommend your book to my friends."
"What a wonderful book! The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. It is invaluable both for a person who just wants to learn how to make unique gifts for his loved one or colleague and for anybody who wants to open a business in the gift basket industry.

I am an average reader and had been looking for a special present for my beloved wife. I visited many websites but nothing really caught my attention until I discovered your site and your eBook “How to make candy bouquets for fun and profit”. I don’t regret a bit that I purchased it. Now I don’t have any headaches of what to give to my wife! Your book inspires me to create. I recommend your book to my friends. And by the way, my wife was delighted to get the sweet bouquet!"
Carlos Manuel Amarante da Silva, Beja, Portugal
"Thank you so much for the wonderful information you have provided."
"Thank you so much for the wonderful information you have provided. I found your ebook to be extremely helpful to me in that it thoroughly covers all the details necessary to start a candy bouquet business. Your instructions are very easy to follow and the designs are simply gorgeous. Thanks to you I was able to make and sell some bouquets during the holidays. Since purchasing the book, I have appreciated your willingness to share your new designs and instructions. By the way your "Thank You" bouquet is simply stunning and I can't wait to give it a try. Your continuous contact with your customers is very inspiring and puts you a "cut above the rests". Keep up the good work!"
Lucille Young, Massachusetts
"I really loved the examples you give, the way you show how to make the bouquets."
"In a general way, I hope this book give me the opportunity to change my life, and it was through it that I really found what I was looking for, a different perspective of work: it doesn’t have to be boring, dull, but it can give us a lot of pleasure and a little bit more of fun in our lives."
Diana Dias, Portugal
"I am VERY impressed with the book and how you show everything step-by-step. "
"I am VERY impressed with the book and how you show everything step-by-step. I have not even gone to all the links you have on there. Which is wonderful that you have added such important and helpful links. I love how you show details. From pictures of the exact tools needed to how to hold your hand while wrapping candy. I really don't know how I found your site other then I was looking at all kinds of sites and ended up going to your site. I was so impressed and I have never seen anything like it before. I just thought maybe I might try it. I have never been able to do arrangements but have made three of yours. Not as good as your arrangements but I am having fun with making them."
Mary Jones, Washington, USA
"Your book paid for itself many times over in the first day."
"I purchased your book because I am in the process of starting my own candy bouquet business. I was originally approved to purchase into a franchise but after evaluating the matter further, I decided I had enough creativity and motivation to learn the business on my own and make my own company without paying territory fees etc. I practiced making bouquets but struggled with some techniques and found your book to be the answer. Your book paid for itself many times over in the first day. I used your book and the pictures to make candy stems. I struggled with making them before but your instructions along with the pictures helped me turn my struggles into success. My next venture will be the candy roses. I have so much to learn and explore and your book is helping me in the journey, it's very exciting. Thank You!"
Della Murray, Albuquerque, NM, USA

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The price of this Great 287 Page electronic book is $75.00, but if you buy it today, because I am just launching it, you can get it for $30.00 (SAVE $45!!!)

Compare it with $3,500.00 and up that franchises charge you! With my guide you can start for just $30.00!!!

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Upon successful payment you will be referred to a special page on this site to complete the download of the “How to make candy bouquets for fun and profit” e-book. The e-book is an Adobe PDF file and downloading time may vary depending upon your computer's Internet connection. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can get it for free here.

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Shipping Candy Bouquets Report - Shipping your candy bouquets
I explain in detail, how to pack your candy bouquets so they will be delivered in perfect condition. You will also learn how to ship your candy arrangements in hot weather without your chocolates melting.


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Proven techniques to help your craft sales soar!

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  • Increase your profits by as much as 300% by implementing just this one tactic before every show
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Even if you are a professional designer, you'll still find methods and techniques included in this manual to help improve your designing skills.

You Will Quickly Learn How To:

  • See things with a different perspective to help make designing easier
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Let’s Sum Up Everything You Will Receive:

check mark 287 page eBook "How to Make Candy Bouquets for Fun and Profit" with over 300 color photos that explains everything you need to know to make beautiful candy bouquets, from design techniques to marketing and selling tips!
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check mark Profitable Crafts - Volume 1.
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check mark Profitable Crafts - Volume 4.
"Catalog Sales and Recruiting Others to Sell for You"
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TOTAL VALUE: $95 + $19.99 + $16.99 +$16.99 + $16.99 = $145.96

Yet if you buy it TODAY
You Can Get This Incredible Package For $30!

I will be raising the price in the near future; so do not miss today’s opportunity to get instant access to all these great materials for the low price of $30!


Here is some more feedback on my two eBooks from Customers

"For anybody thinking about getting into this business whether for fun or to make some extra money I would say get both books!"
"The first thing I love about the book is the pictures and the very, very easy to follow instructions. I bought your book because I have done some of the other crafts you have sent to me and they are always easy to do. I have a candy wrapping business and tried to do bouquets on my own...well you can imagine the frustration at trying to figure it out on my own. I wasted lots of time and products trying to get it to look good enough somebody would buy it. Since purchasing your book I have learned how to do everything easily with the pictures and step by step instructions that I have saved so much time. When I do up a bouquet now I know I will get repeat orders and new business almost every time. For anybody thinking about getting into this business whether for fun or to make some extra money I would say get both books! I have searched for books in craft stores and have not found any that compare with yours in price or in the unique designs you have in them. My favorite is the Happy Birthday Bouquet with the different full size candy bars. This is one of my most popular ones. I change it around a little if it is for an adult or child and sometimes even the occasion. It works for everything."
Vicki Autio, Massachusetts, USA

I wish you the best in your future endeavors!

Gift Basket Business

Home based business

Disclaimer: The testimonials are written by people who bought my candy bouquet books and found them to be useful…. Your results may be different from theirs.

This product does not make any guarantees of income potential. Your income depends on your own work and efforts, combined with all the information given to you in this eBook.


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